Boxing (from the English. Boxing) is a contact sport, single combat, where athletes strike each other with fists in special gloves. The fight, which lasts up to 12 rounds, is controlled by the referee. Victory is awarded if the opponent is knocked down and cannot rise within ten seconds (knockout) or if he is injured and does not allow him to continue the fight (technical knockout). If after a set number of rounds the match was not stopped, the winner is determined by the judges’ scores.
Rounds have a 3 minutes duration . Each boxer enters the ring from the corner given to him, and after each round he goes here to rest, get advice from the coach and the necessary assistance of the doctor. The referee controls the fight: while in the ring, he monitors the behavior of the fighters, counts down the knockdowns and penalizes for breaking the rules. Up to three judges may be near the ring in order to assign participants points.