Karate is a japanese martial art, the system of defense and attack. Since 2020 it is an Olympic sport. In karate the degree of direct contact between the participants of the fight is minimal, and for crushing the enemy are used precisely targeted powerful punches and feet, inflicted on the vital points of his body, unlike other martial arts of Japan, (jiu-jitsu, judo), which involve fighting, holding all sorts of throws, restraining grippers and choking techniques. Sports competitions are held in two karate programs: kumite (free sparring) and kata (a formalized sequence of movements associated with the principles of conducting a duel with an imaginary opponent). Karate styles appear continuously, as each outstanding master brings something of his own, which often leads to the creation of a new style. In karate, there are student degrees – “kyu” and workshop degrees – “given”. Usually the number of kyu and dan is ten, but their number may differ in different styles and schools. The number of kyu decreases with increasing skill, the number given – increases. External attribute of varying degrees is the belt. Degrees in karate do not depend on the results of sports competitions. To obtain a higher degree, it is necessary to demonstrate a certain skill in performing kata and free combat.