Pankration is an ancient martial art of Greek origin, the name of which literally derives from two Greek words: ‘pan’ = all and ‘kratos’ = strength. Pankration began as a strife for survival, yet sporting a technical codification, allowing the repetition of each technique. It is said that Alexander the Great made in his day extensive use of Pankration, by training his troops in this art so as to make them invincible. The Greeks were prolific at cataloguing their scriptures and innovations. This method of fighting, indeed, has reached us in modern times thanks to archaeological finds and manuscripts both testifying the existence of the art for over six thousand (6000) years.It can affirmed that Pankration is the most ancient and complete form of bare-handed combat known. It includes fighting with full contact at a distance, on the ground, using projections and strangulations. Since ancient times, Pankration maintains established rules of combat and a technical program, which distinguishes it from any other discipline .The martial art of Pankration was present in the ancient Olympic Games for 1041 years, with adults participating since 648 BC, while younger men since 200 BC, with both categories held up until 393 AD. Pankration is currently developed worldwide under the umbrella of United World Wrestling (UWW), as part of its family of disciplines.