Two eminent athletes, Ilya Yorga (Serbia) and Wakayama Masashi (Japan), have confirmed their participation in the 1st World Martial Arts Festival TAFISA, which will be held in Ulyanovsk.

Sensei Ilya Yorga is the founder of Fudokan karate style , executive president of the World Fudokan Federation (World Fudokan Federation, WFF), 10 dan owner, PhD, specialist in surgery, clinical physiology and sports medicine.
He started karate at the age of 20 under the guidance of the famous Japanese master Tetsuo Murakami. On November 15, 1980, on the day of his 40th birthday, Ilya Jorg announced the creation of the International Style Federation Den To Fudokan Karate-do. “Fudo” in Japanese means “steadfastness, firmness”, and “kan” is “home”. The style, which was founded by Jorg, is based on Sensei’s knowledge of the field of technology, tactics, physiology, movements biomechanics in karate, the principles of his spiritual development. “Fudokan means self-improvement, improvement of a person. If you go this way, you must remember the words that my teacher told me: “Try today to be better than yesterday, and tomorrow – to be better than today,” says Ilya Yorga.

Sensei Wakayama Masashi is the founder and honorary president of the Kobudo International School (IKWS), winner of 7 Kobudo Danes, 6 Dana Saito Karate, 5 Danes Kyokushin-Budokai, 5 Dana Aikido Aikikai, 4 Dana Karate Vadoryu, 4 Dana Shorinji-Ryu Karate.

Sensei first came to our country in 1968 with a group of Japanese athletes. He visited Moscow, Kharkov, Kiev, Khabarovsk. And in 1985, at the Moscow festival of youth and students, Wakayama Masashi represented Budo of Japan – demonstrated karate and kendo. Technique master combines methods of combat with and without weapons.

At the festival in Ulyanovsk will be organized certification of athletes to improve combat skills.

The list of sports that are included in the professional program of the 1st World Martial Arts Festival TAFISA was also determined. These are boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, sambo, pankration, fudokan karate, kyokushin karate, jiu-jitsu, kyudo, aikido, kudo, kuresh and sports mixfight. On the Ulyanovsk and Dimitrovgrad grounds master classes and workshops will be held with the participation of famous athletes, world and European champions, as well as leaders of All-Russian sports federations.

Currently, sports federations are actively preparing for demonstrations at the opening ceremony of the festival. Applications for participation in a sporting event were submitted by more than 1,500 people from 22 countries of the world. Among them are Greece, Iran, India, Israel, Poland, Thailand, South Korea, Nigeria, England and many others.