We begin to talk about sports that are included in the professional program of the 1st TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival. Recalling that there are 13 of them: boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, sambo, pankration, fudokan karate, Kyokushin karate, jiu-jitsu, kyudo, aikido, kudo, kuresh and sports mixfight.

Each of them will be presented at certain venues where master classes of famous athletes and federation leaders, seminars and demonstration performances will be held.

Let’s start with kickboxing. According to the criteria of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation it is one of the three of the most successful sports in the Ulyanovsk region(after light and heavy athletics). But kickboxers ahead of all the with the amount of awards: for example, last year, Ulyanovsk athletes won 70 medals of various levels.

There are 20 schools where this sport is represented in the Ulyanovsk region. The regional kickboxing federation includes about 2,000 athletes. Among them – Alexey Trifonov, Honored Master of Sports, who won the world champion title among professionals, three-time world and European champion (Alexey is the ambassador of the TAFISA festival), Dmitry Ayzyatulov – Honored Master of Sports, three-time world and European champion, six-time champion of Russia, Honored master of sports, top coach Sergey Zhukov, who has already trained several champions.

“We invited honored guests to the TAFISA festival: Vadim Ukraintsev, the president of the Russian kickboxing federation, and Mikhail Gerasimov, the head coach of the federation. They will hold master classes for children, as well as a judicial seminar, ”said Vladimir Sheyanov, chairman of the Ulyanovsk Regional Kickboxing Federation.

Kickboxing will be presented at the festival at several venues: in the “New Generation” educational complex (together with boxing and Thai boxing), in the Aquamall shopping center, as well as at one of the sports facilities in Dimitrovgrad. In Aquamall athletes will hold demonstrations and open a record in sports clubs. According to Vladimir Sheyanov, this format is very convenient for attracting children in the section: you saw kickboxers in battle, you liked it – try to do it.

“For our athletes such performances is the opportunity to show oneself. Fo them it is a joy. This is a relationship, a sports pipeline, when through communication one generation attracts another, its future shift. To play sports seriously, you need to fall in love with him. And this requires serious work, ” notes the president of the Ulyanovsk Kickboxing Federation.
By the way, in the group of general physical training with elements of percussion technology take from 4-5 years., after children turn 12 they perform at competitions.

According to Vladimir Sheyanova, kickboxing is a sport for everyone. This position is closely connected with the main concept of the TAFISA festival: sport for all – martial arts for everyone. Kickboxing hardens, gives certain skills that come in handy in life, shape the character. This sport can be practiced by those who want to improve their physical form, and those who set a goal to win the competition. The main thing is to have a goal which you need to go to.